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Repeats, Non-Repeatable Courses, and Course Families

Learn how to repeat a course, how repeated courses affect your GPA, and how to file petitions to repeat a course.

How to Repeat a Class

Want to repeat a class? File the General Student Petition with the Admissions and Records Office before you enroll.

Attempt a Course up to Three Times

You can take a non-repeatable course up to three times if you earn a substandard grade (D, F, NC, NP) or withdrawal (W). Attempts include any combination of withdrawals and substandard repetitions.

Repeating Courses and Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

When you complete a repeated course, the most recent grade earned count towards your GPA, regardless of the grade. The previous attempt(s) will remain on the transcript.

When You Can't Repeat a Course

You can't repeat a course if you earned a grade of C or better unless the course is listed as repeatable in the catalog. But under certain conditions, you may be able to repeat these courses (see below).

Other Instances When You Can Repeat a Class

You can retake a non-repeatable course in these situations:

Lapse of Time
  • A significant lapse of time, or a minimum of seven years, has passed since you received the grade. Each discipline can define a significant lapse of time as less than seven years by program or course. You can get a list of exceptions from the Instruction Office.
  • The District has established a new prerequisite for a course or program.
  • You want to transfer to a school which has made a new requirement that you cannot meet without repeating the course.
Extenuating Circumstances
Petition to repeat a course if your previous attempt (whether substandard grade, passing grade, or withdrawal) was the result of an emergency. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accident, illness or other conditions beyond your control.

Special Exceptions

  • Active participatory courses. These courses include physical education, visual arts, and performing arts. You can have up to four enrollments within each of the course groupings listed below.
  • Students with disabilities. You can repeat special classes for students with disabilities any number of times. Your counselor must verify that such repetition is a disability-related accommodation.
  • Courses that meet legally-mandated training requirements as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment. You can repeat these courses for credit any number of times. The grade you earn each time will be included in your GPA. These courses are listed as repeatable in the course description.
  • Occupational Work Experience: You can repeat these courses any number of times as long as you don't exceed the 16 unit limit. Occupational Work Experience includes all courses numbered 95 and Personal Development 94. The grade you earn for each class will be included in your GPA. These courses are listed as repeatable in the course description.

Course Families

Certain subjects have courses that are similar. The limit is four enrollments within each of these course groupings.

These subjects are grouped into families and include:

  • Kinesiology (Physical Education)
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts

For more information see the Course Catalog or contact Admissions and Records.

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