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Regularly attend and participate in all your classes. Miss too many classes and you may be dropped.

Attend the First Class

You must attend the first scheduled meeting of every class you are enrolled in. Your professors may drop you from your classes if you do not attend the first day.

If You Can't Make the First Class, Contact Your Teacher

If you have an illness or injury preventing your attendance, email your professors. You can find your teachers' emails listed on your class schedule. You can also look up their contact info in the Staff Directory.

You are responsible for dropping a class that you have registered in, even if you do not attend.

Attendance during the Semester

Your professor can drop you from the course if you have six hours of unexcused class absences. This rule applies to a three-unit, three-hour-per-week, full-term class.

All other classes will be prorated in a ratio of one hour of absence to nine hours of class meeting time. See your course syllabus for detailed information.

Exceptions to this attendance policy will be included in your class syllabus. If your teacher drops you by accident, you can petition to rejoin the class. Contact a campus Admissions and Records Office for help.

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