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Pay to Print

Sierra College has a Pay to Print system for all students using public printers. There will be a $0.09 charge for each page printed.

You will still be able to print the following documents free of charge:

  • Temporary parking passes
  • Class schedules 
  • FAFSA signature pages

Instructions to Pay to Print

  1. When you use a student computer located at a Sierra College campus to print a document, a Pay to Print pop-up window will ask for your login information.
  2. Enter the same name and password that you use to log into your mySierra account.
  3. Then go to the printer and pick up your document.

If you are printing to a print release station, you will have to re-enter your username at the release station next to the printer. It will prompt you to accept the charge before it begins printing.

How to Add Money to Your Pay to Print Account

Follow this link to add money to your Pay to Print account.

Think carefully about how many pages you might print, since there is a $0.30 charge each time you add money to your account. There is a $3 minimum and a $30 maximum per transaction.

As an example, if you add $10 to your account you will have $9.70 added to your balance.

Add money to your account.

Pay to Print encourages students to print less or less often. The products needed to print (toner, paper and hardware) have tangible environmental impacts. This program promotes institutional sustainability and resource conservation efforts.

Credit to Account

Did your print jobs come out badly? Follow these steps to get credit to your account:

  1. Fill out the Credit Request form.
  2. Attach the problem print pages.
  3. Submit to Bursar Office.
More info on getting account credit.


What about double-sided prints?
The charges for double-sided pages are the same as for two (2) single-sided pages.
Will I be required to put money in my Pay to Print account during registration?
No. You won't need to fund your Pay to Print account as part of the registration process. You will need to ensure you have sufficient money in your Pay to Print account before you can start printing. Add money to your Pay to Print account.
Can someone who is not a Sierra College Student print using Pay to Print?
No. All printers on our campuses are for student use only. You must be a registered student to have access to Pay to Print.
What if I forget to log off and someone else prints using my Pay to Print account?
Every time you print you will have to resubmit your mySierra username and password to approve the print job and the deduction of funds from your account. Once you leave the computer, no one will be able to use your account to print.
What if there are problems with the quality of my print job? Can I get a credit to my Pay to Print account?
If a document doesn't print because of a technical problem such as a paper jam or the print quality is poor, you should print to an alternative printer and request a credit for the problem pages. Please keep the print job. If the paper jammed, ask the faculty member or the lab assistant to remove it for you. Credit will only be issued for poor print jobs listed below:
  • Toner smears or streaks
  • Low toner (unreadable print quality)
  • Jammed paper
  • Other printer-related defects
Fill out the Credit Request form. Attach the problem print pages. Submit to the Bursar's Office.
What problems do not qualify for a credit?
  • Printing the wrong materials 
  • Printing too many copies
  • Printing to the wrong printer 
What happens to my unused account balance in my Pay to Print account?
Your account will remain active until 365 days after the last day of the last term of enrollment. Pay to Print balances will not be refunded when you leave Sierra College. Keep your account balances small.
Can faculty or staff use these printers?
Faculty and staff should use the printers made available by their divisions.

Technical Support

For assistance with printer problems, missing accounts and log on issues, contact

Account Balance and Transaction Support

For assistance with account balance and transaction issues and credits for problem print pages, contact

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